Workshop Easy Beginning With Making Own Clothes

Do you always want to make your own clothes or change the old ones. But how to begin?

The beginning of this process is the pattern.

Now what do you do with it and where to find it.

The workshop "Easy beginning whit patterns from magazines" is about this.

What are you going to learn:

  • Body anatomy -how to take the right measurements
  • How to chose the right size
  • How to copy the chosen sawing pattern
  • What the sawing pattern markings mean
  • Pattern matching
  • Which is the perfect fabric to use for the chosen pattern 
  • Basic guidance for technologies of sawing for this pattern


Practical information


  • 25€ includes materials and tools use
  • 80€ for 4 classes (one class a week ) 
  • 2,5 h
  • 2-4 persons
  • Basic sawing skills recommended
  • Classes every week