Being an artist all of my life I realise that creating and playing with materials is a fun and powerful process of relaxation and self-expression. I dedicate part of my time to people, who like to learn how to create accessories and are open to the idea of a sustainable living and fashion.


I conduct a series of sustainable workshops that are influenced by the idea of circular living, recycling and how to incorporate them into our lives and most specifically into the fashion products we use.


Although for us living sustainable is a challenge, it gives us the opportunities of developing our skills or learning new ones, and of course – participating in the effort for a better environment.


If you are inspired by the idea of having fun, while discovering a new functionality for something old by transforming it and creating something beautiful and unique – feel free to contact me for more information. 




Have you always wanted to make your own clothes or change the old ones, but just don’t know how to begin? At the beginning of this process is the clothes pattern. 

The workshop "Easy beginning with patterns from magazines" is about this.

What are you going to learn?

  • Body anatomy - how to take the right measurements
  • How to choose the right size
  • How to copy the chosen sawing pattern
  • What is the meaning of the Sawing pattern markings
  • Pattern matching
  • Which is the perfect fabric to use for the chosen pattern 
  • Basic guidance of sawing techniques for this pattern

Practical information

  • 150 € for 4 classes (once per week ) 
  • Single workshop duration - 2h
  • 2 participants max
  • Classes every week, Sunday from 14h -16h, starting from January 2021 


Are you inspired by the idea of creating your own leather accessories, inspired by your personality and character? Want to make the best, exclusive hand-made gift, and to have fun? 

Come and join us for a workshop where you will learn:


·       How to work with leather

·       How to use the tools in leather working process

·       How to create beautiful leather accessories such as: small wallet, small bag, earrings 


Chose a leather and other natural materials to make a one of kind accessories just to your like.


Practical information


  • 50 € including materials and tools
  • Single workshop duration – 2,5 h
  • 2 participants max
  • All skill levels welcome
  • Classes only by appointment