Denim, which is one of the most famous and preferred fabrics by modern man, due to the comfort and freedom of movement it provides, has always been a subject of research and interest in the fashion world. 

 As a logical continuation of her creative quests and personal philosophy, Kalina Todorova's latest project shows us the beauty of recycling and reuse of denim combined with different materials. 

 She creates a series of original corsets, which are distinguished by their characteristic design.  The specificity of this small collection due to the materials that Kalina uses to make them: old jeans and other denim products, which have long been buried in the wardrobe of each of us.

The author’s purpose as a professional and individual is to promote and contribute to a general change in the fashion industry.  She is focusing her creative path in the bigger picture – to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable fashion industry, reducing the toxic waste and contributing to a healthier environment.


 There is a limited pieces  from  the collection, for sale now at Re Bell Shop.


Photography by Joaquim Fox

Styling by Aoife Keogh



This recycled double sided corset we create together with talented painter Uzine Park @uzine.park. Inspired from the  beauty of nature Uzine painted the both sides of the corset : 1 side islandsof South sea of South Korea, 2 side is from Ponio from Miajaki Hayao The corset have also a special horizontal cut to can better fit by the paintings. Thank you Uzine!!