fashion experience

My experience in fashion starts as an Assistant Designer in the contemporary Totally Erected Fashion Studio in Sofia, Bulgaria. Specializing later in costume design I developed an enthusiasm for experimenting, which led to a wide and diverse portfolio and range of skills.


As a creator and artist, I am currently working to promote sustainability in fashion internationally, stressing the need for change. I am proudly dedicated to the Sustainability movement in fashion Industry for the past years, inspired to bringing together global industry leadership, change-makers and thinkers in order to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable fashion industry.


As a professional, I am helping my young or experienced clients, through every needed step of the apparel production process. These objectives may include: sketches, choosing fabrics, creating patterns and samples, developing industry tech packs, pattern grading and others.

  • Working with both experienced and young designers, I like to share my knowledge and guide them to create a beautiful and nature-friendly new collection.
  • With my strong passion and interest in fashion sustainability, I am guiding the sustainable orientated designers to get shape of their creative ideas.
  • By smoothly going together through every step, to develop the missing part of the creative process between design and production.
  • My extensive experience in creating costumes and clothes helps me understand the ideas of the designers and to provide creative solutions in patterns and sawing process.


My purpose as a professional and individual is to promote and contribute to a general change in the fashion industry. I am focusing my creative path in the bigger picture – to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable fashion industry, reducing the toxic waste and contributing to a healthier environment.